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Now is the time to speak up!

29 / 11 / 2021
content lab dubbing
Joy Matambo
Talent Manager

Right now, voice artists are experiencing a surge in demand, as streaming services including HBO, Showmax and Netflix look to offer range of programming from all over the world in local languages. Dubbing artists in particular have plenty of opportunity coming their way at the moment, and in South Africa, it’s no different.

If you’re a professional voice actor and/or dubbing artist, there has never been a better time to market yourself and propel your voice acting career. And if you’re just starting out, or have been told you have a great voice, now is the time to hone your skills and seek out those opportunities.

Voice actors play a very significant role in the entertainment industry, in television, film, commercials and even gaming.

So there’s plenty of work to go around if you know where to find it.  As far as jobs go, this one is not too shabby. Firstly, it’s super versatile – no 9-5 at the same desk, wishing for the weekend. Your time is your own – you get to accept jobs and plan your own schedule. You can be a part-time voice artist and stay-at-home-mom (or dad), or a full-time dubbing artist who goes from doing a professional recording in board shorts, to loading the board and catching a few waves before the next recording starts.

It’s also fun and interesting, because you can be cast in a multitude of genres. One day, you’re doing the voice for the romantic lead in a Spanish telenovela, and the next you’re the voice of the villain in a Korean sci fi movie. Every day comes with a new challenge, which makes the job exciting and suited to people who like variety.

You also get to meet a lot of awesome creative, talented (and connected) people, although nowadays of course, much of that meeting will be online.

Even if this current hunger for content slows down, as long as media exists, voice actors will be in demand. If you’re a seasoned pro – get out there and find those interesting, well-paid jobs. And if you’re a newbie, push yourself, reach out, gain experience and build your voice acting career!

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