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05 / 05 / 2021
localisation solutions
Celeste Crowster
Talent Assistant

Localisation is the process of adapting something, whether it be a product or content, so that it’s tailored to a specific locale or market. To give you a simple example, the word localisation itself could be spelled two different ways – Localisation and Localization. These words mean exactly the same thing, yet Localisation is spelled using UK English and Localization using American English. To go a step further, read the word Localisation in a British accent, and then read the word Localization in an American accent. Just by doing this, you’ve localized the word even further.

In a nutshell, this is what we do. We take content from a foreign region, culture or language, and our team of experts use their skills and knowledge to adapt the content, give it new life, and Voila! It is now understandable to a whole new audience.

Remember all those great foreign shows you binge-watched during lockdown? Now imagine them with no voice overs in your language, and no subtitles. Most of us wouldn’t even have considered watching them, right?

We understand that in order for you to enjoy, resonate with and be educated by content, you have to be able to understand it. As for content creators, they understand that having professionally adapted work allows them to distribute it on a global scale. And it’s so much more than merely translation. In order to truly localise something, it’s vital that we understand the multiple meanings of words, the way an expression translates from one culture to the next, and the cultural context. As another example, let’s say we are localising a butter ad from the UK market for the US market, and let’s say in the ad, the “mom” says she’s making her famous apple crumble. For the US market, we might change that to her famous “apple cobbler or apple crisp”.

The process of localisation isn’t quite as simple as I’ve made it sound in this post; it really is a complex art. It takes a passionate team of professionals who know their stuff to make the magic happen. In upcoming posts, we’ll be sharing more about what goes on behind the scenes to create beautiful, professionally adapted content, stay tuned.

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