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Pursuing your goals during a pandemic

Overcoming self-doubt

29 / 07 / 2021
Pursuing your goals
Tamzin Williams
Subtitle Editor

The pandemic has had a negative impact all-round on pursuing goals and although this sentiment is all around us, I like to believe that it has actually given us an opportunity to challenge ourselves beyond the norm, to really discover what drives our passions and to follow this drive. Having just completed my BA in Theatre and Performance (specialising in acting) at the University of Cape Town, it has never been more apparent to me that there is no other way than to finish what we start.

From a young age, I have always been driven towards the arts. This was recognised by my parents and teachers, who supported me through every decision I have made up until this day. From Grade 9 already, I was dead set on studying acting, despite people’s doubts towards this as a career. I pushed through because I am passionate and driven especially when it comes to the arts. I was in my final year when the pandemic was in full motion. Adjusting to this new normal was certainly a struggle, however, I was determined to finish what I started. There was simply no other way.

I must say, though, that I have an amazing support structure. They continue to push and support me, especially when I start to doubt myself and they have been integral to my own personal success.  

I give so much credit to my mother for helping me to become the woman that I am today.

Whenever I went for auditions or anything important in my life, my mother would always tell me: “Remember they’re only human”.

This sounds insignificant but I’ve applied it to every aspect of my life. Nobody is exempt from making mistakes. 

Another saying of my mother that has shaped a lot of my life decisions is; You can never reach your fullest potential, goals, or dreams if you never help others on their journey”. That in itself is self-explanatory. I believe we were placed on this earth to help one another.

My vision for women in the future

My vision for women in the future is for you to completely come into yourselves. Rid yourself from the shackles of stereotypes and social norms. Be loud, be feminine or masculine, have big dreams that scare you, be firm and make your presence known. I even hope that I get to see the day that we have a female president. It is beautiful to see how we have moved into a new era of more and more women commanding the space to be seen and be heard. Like they once did on the 9th of August 1956.

I believe I will contribute to this by continuously pushing the boundaries society has set for us. Especially through my craft as an artist.

You strike a woman, you strike a rock.

May that continue to ring loud in our ears this Women’s Month. May men no longer feel threatened by our independence and start standing beside us as our equals.  


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