The youth perspective

Insights from some of our younger team members

08 / 06 / 2022
Bontle Mafojane
Localisation Coordinator

As Youth Day approaches, we chatted to a few of our younger team members to find out how they feel about work, what gets them up in the morning, what scares them and how they feel they contribute to a corporate setting.

How would you describe your career at Content Lab so far?

“My experience as a dubbing engineer so far has been nothing but amazing! I love working with different kinds of people and recording different types of characters. I see myself becoming a great engineer one day, and my role at Content Lab has given me the chance to have fun while learning.” Mogamad Zuhair Alexander, Dubbing Engineer, (25)

“It has honestly been very exciting! I moved to Cape Town for the opportunity to become an editor, and although the decision has had its challenges, I don’t regret it at all. Changing careers and moving to a different city can be daunting, but everyone at Content Lab has been very welcoming and supportive and I already feel at home.” Azélle Le Roux, Creative Editor, (26) 

“I can only describe moving into the role of Localisation Supervisor as a whirlwind and an intense learning experience. It’s a lot, but it’s also very exciting! Bontle Mafojane, Localisation Coordinator, (29)


What value do you think young people bring to the table in a corporate setting?

“I think the world we live in currently has prepared us, as young adults, to be very open-minded. We don’t shy away from a challenge and we jump at the opportunity to share ideas with others. We have a fresh perspective that can only add to ideas and systems already in place.” Azélle Le Roux, Creative Editor, (26)

“I feel like young people bring a nice hip and energetic vibrance to the workplace, which makes the environment more lively.” Mogamad Zuhair Alexander, Dubbing Engineer, (25)

“I think young people bring a lot to the table in a corporate setting. There is a hunger and eagerness to grow and learn. This brings innovation and creativity to systems and workflows designed by an older generation for an older generation.” Bontle Mafojane, Localisation Coordinator, (29)

What inspires you and/or gets you up in the morning?

“I look up to the senior engineers; they keep me aware of where I need to be and how far I am from reaching my long-term goal, which is to become a great engineer one day.” Mogamad Zuhair Alexander, Dubbing Engineer, (25)


“As cliché as it sounds, it’s the people. I am very fortunate to work in an industry that I’m passionate about, and to work with other witty, smart creatives. The people make those intense days at work a lot easier to get through. They really are supportive and I am grateful and blessed to work with them.” Bontle Mafojane, Localisation Coordinator, (29)

“For me it’s definitely the excitement of learning new things and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from delivering good quality work. I’m intrigued by language, and being part of the adaptation process that allows stories to be shared with others is amazing. I look forward to using my skills every day, getting to know more about my colleagues, learning from them and exchanging ideas. I also appreciate being part of a youthful and dynamic company culture.” Azélle Le Roux, Creative Editor, (26)


What’s the scariest part of being one of the youngest people in the room?

“Speaking up in a room full of people who have been doing their jobs longer than you have! But it’s also exciting, because you get to learn from them and gain confidence as you learn.” Bontle Mafojane, Localisation Coordinator, (29)

“The scariest part is not knowing what the future holds for my career. In the meantime, I get to work with different kinds of people, in an environment where there’s never a dull moment!” Mogamad Zuhair Alexander, Dubbing Engineer, (25)

“At the end of the day I want to stand alongside my peers, with my head held high, knowing that I contributed as an editor to what has been already established by the creative minds that contributed to what Content Lab is today.Azélle Le Roux, Creative Editor, (26)

While we have many seasoned and experienced senior team members at Content Lab, we also have quite a large younger contingent – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! These young people add a vibrancy and energy to the workspace; they challenge us and invigorate us; and they have a knack for turning something on its head and seeing it from a completely different perspective.

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