Mastering accents

If you were put on the spot right now, could you very quickly do a Scottish and then a Welsh accent? Or an Australian and then a New Zealand accent? As a voice actor, you want to put yourself in a position to be able to get as much work as possible. One way to […]

Are “creatives” more prone to mental health issues?

The connection between creativity and mental health issues has been cause for debate between philosophers, psychologists and researchers for centuries. Some scholars claim there’s an undisputed, direct link between creativity and mental illness, including bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and ADHD, while others insist there’s no real evidence to support the theory.We all know the stereotypes […]

Here’s how to take care of your most important asset – your voice!

As a voice actor, there’s plenty you need to be good at, like managing your time, managing relationships, marketing yourself, refining your craft and so on. But none of that matters if your voice isn’t in top shape. It may be stating the obvious but, keeping your vocal cords healthy isn’t as simple as not […]