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How to stay positive, no matter what

Resilience during a pandemic

09 / 02 / 2021
Claudia Mohr

A pandemic of this nature is something we have only really seen in movies or read about in history books. But here we are, 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic that has changed our lives – a lot.

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A perspective on leadership

(as a first-time manager)

19 / 01 / 2021
Karabo Mafojane
Production Manager


I’m sure I am not alone in saying that 2020, more than any other, was a rollercoaster ride of one challenge after another. It was also my first year as a production manager and while the ...

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05 / 01 / 2021
Theo Meyer
Sound Engineer


I remember the moment I first sat in with a dubbing engineer. My eyes could not believe what was happening. In no way could I ever imagine doing all of that so quickly. It was a ...

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01 / 12 / 2020
Robyn Du Plooy
HR and Learning Manager

The localisation industry is one that continues to grow and with it, opportunities for school-leavers, university graduates and others to forge a career within the industry.

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A simple trick for becoming a solutionist

This is a successful strategy to navigating any challenge

01 / 09 / 2020
Claudia Mohr

To demonstrate this, I’d like to invite you to do an exercise with me. You will need a small
piece of paper or cardboard, and a pen. On one side of the piece of paper, write the ...

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A guide to choosing the right microphone

Embracing the selection process

24 / 08 / 2020
Rohan Olwage
Account Manager

Choosing the correct microphone for the required application can be a stressful experience and there are so many variables to consider. The use of microphones, types and brands can be a very subjective experience so it’s often difficult ...

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The COVID Challenge

How to manage people when emotions run high

19 / 08 / 2020
Claudia Mohr

I consider it a great privilege to lead a team of energetic and talented creatives, but when the COVID scare comes close to home, actions speak far louder than any words could.

It becomes even more important ...

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You’re never too old to follow your dreams

How I found my passion in dubbing - in my 60's!

30 / 07 / 2020
Rita Mohr
Administration Coordinator

During this global lockdown period in our lives, we are being given the opportunity to reflect on all the moments, good and bad, which we have experienced in our lives to bring us to this point. In my case, ...

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